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About us

At Petra's Tours, our vision is to curate fun, engaging and insightful guided tours and activities. To guarantee visitors high quality service we prioritize collaboration with authorized, professional guides and ground travel services.  We value responsible thinking and are working towards the well-being of both nature and humanity. We operate inclusively, offer several accessible tours and we are a Sustainable Travel Finland -certified company.

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Petra Vairimaa

With 10 years of guiding experience and a higher education degree in cultural studies, I offer a perspective on history and culture that goes beyond the ordinary - a depth that only a local culture enthusiast can provide. At Petra's Tours, we don't offer educational lectures; instead, we create experiences designed to ignite your enthusiasm and spark new insights. Join us for moments that are not just informative but inspiring and experiential. Welcome to Helsinki and its beautiful surroundings
M.A. Petra Vairimaa 

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