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Evenio is committed to plan events and program services that support participants well-being and promotes the goals of sustainable development.

With the Society’s Commitment to sustainable development Finland we implement the UN’s 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. We are promoting equality, reducing inequality and we act inclusively. The goal is that our services are equally accessible to everyone regardless of age, sexual orientation, religion, culture and special needs. Non-discriminatory, inclusive activities promote an open, equal and engaging society.

Commitment supports following global goals (SDGs):

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  • In February 2023 we received the Good Travel Seal - certification and in March 2023 the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) -certification.

  • In April 2023 we made an agreement with John Nurminen foundation to donate 2€ per attendee joining our Archipelago -tours. Our Goal is to safeguard the heritage of the Baltic Sea, and protect its future.

  • In May 2023 we have been listed in "Everyone is welcome here!" -pages run by the Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities. The association engages in advocacy and service provision for people with physical disabilities or functional impairments. We are committed to developing the accessibility of our premises, services, and products.

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