Tour Operator and Event Service Provider in Finland

We are a Tour Operator and Event Service Provider, specialising in Educational Travel Services and offering Guided Tours in the Cultural Landscape of Finland. Evenio also offers Event Management Services internationally, specialising in Investigator Meetings for the Healthcare sector.

We operate in Finnish, Swedish, German and English languages.


Evenio Oy

Address: Puolukkamäenpolku 4, 02430 Masala, Finland

Phone: +358505600333 (EET Time Zone)


Authorized Representative: Petra Vairimaa

Business ID: 2136590-6

Invoice address:

Evenio Oy (OpusCapita skannauspalvelu)

PL 10288, 00062  LASKUNET

e-Invoice operator: OpusCapita Solutions Oy (E204503)

E-invoice address and OVT-identifier: 003721365906

Hard copies are be sent to the invoice scanning point: