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Explore Helsinki and Surroundings:
Guided Tours and Activities

Discover Finland's rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes through our guided tours and activities, designed for inclusive travel experiences. Certified for sustainable travel services, we offer a blend of local luxury and environmental consciousness, ensuring safety, authentic cultural encounters, personalized attention, flexible itineraries, and above all, a genuine sense of happiness. Let us create unforgettable memories together!

What people say about us? 

We have received consistently positive feedback from our guests.

We also highly appreciate all good ideas and development ideas! 

The whole team really enjoyed the tour - thank you!

Guided archipelago tour in Helsinki and Espoo


A very interesting tour that evoked a lot of thoughts and feelings. Thank you very much for a great day!

Guided History Tour in Kirkkonummi

09 - 2023

We all think you did a fantastic job and we are very pleased with the service. We will contact you again.


Guided history and nature Tours in Kirkkonummi

04 - 2024

The students really enjoyed the day with you - we want to book you for further sessions, too!

Guided Smart City - Tour in Helsinki 02 - 2024

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