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Evenio Oy is a Finnish event and meeting service provider, specialising in delivering Investigator Meetings for the healthcare industry. We provide concept creation, program planning and event execution services to help clients create high-impact meetings.

Since 2016, we have executed over 40 face-to-face meetings in Europe and the United States, hosted over 3000 attendees and consistently received highly positive feedback from CRO's, sponsors, HCP's and from the co-working network.

In 2020, as a response to a changing business environment and requests from clients, we expanded our services to include digital meetings. We have since conducted multiple digital investigator meetings and have received positive feedback about our new service offerings.




Address: Puolukkamäenpolku 4, 02430 Masala, Finland

Phone: +358505600333 (EET Time Zone)


Authorized Representative: Petra Vairimaa

Business ID: 2136590-6

Invoice address:

Evenio Oy (OpusCapita skannauspalvelu)

PL 10288, 00062  LASKUNET

e-Invoice operator: OpusCapita Solutions Oy (E204503)

E-invoice address and OVT-identifier: 003721365906

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