Program Services

Guided Tours and Program Planning

Do you have an upcoming event or travel that needs program? We are a professional Program and Event Planner with Years of experience organizing and executing events.

Guided Archipelago Tours

We fancy the beautiful Baltic Sea Archipelago in Greater Helsinki area and take groups to Guided Tours sharing knowledge and enjoying great nature together.  

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The Baltc Sea and the archipelago in summertime.
Woman in wheelchair with her dog at sunset.

Accessible, inclusive Tours

The goal of inclusive travel is to ensure that travel experiences are equally accessible to all, regardless of age, sexual orientation, religion, culture, and special needs.  

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Guided Tours by bus, metro, feet and bikes

We offer professional Guided Tours in Greater Helsinki Area. Tours are available Year Round and have varying themes from local nature to cultural history. 

People walking outsides being happy
A museum window with flowers in autumn colours

Guided Museum Visits

Local museums in Kirkkonummi are our expertise. The museums Ragvalds, Alisgården and Gesterby tell local stories of people who lived here hundreds of years ago. 

Content Creation and Cultural Event Design

Trusted partner to design and execute content related to Local Cultural History, Cultural trails, Guided Tours, Hobby Clubs and Social Media content. Presentations and hobby clubs. Museum work. 

A scenery in a cultural walking path