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The Past and Present-Cruise (5,5h)

Steamship route

Pictures: KAMU/Jonna Pennanen, KAMU/Aino Osola  and Evenio/Petra Vairimaa

This Cruise takes us through the historical Steamship Route and we find out, why people of Helsinki have throughout the times loved their charming Archipelago. You will also be able to visit a unique, old fisherman's estate.


This half-day-trip starts from Helsinki Market Square. We cruise towards the old fisherman's estate on the lovely Island of Pentala. On the way we pass by sights such as the famous Unesco World Heritage site - the Fortress of Suomenlinna, charming yacht clubs, beautiful summer restaurants, cottages and villas

scattered around the archipelago.

Upon arriving to Pentala, we get acquainted with the Archipelago Museum - an old fisherman's estate that has been turned into an open area museum. A special Guided Tour to “Gurli’s House” is included. This home museum represents the life of the last local person living in the house - the fisherman's widow Gurli Nyholm in 1986. On the trip back traditional Finnish Salmon Soup and Coffee is served whilst we enjoy the beautiful nature of our Archipelago


Helsinki is often called the Daughter of the Baltic Sea. The trip is executed respectfully with the fragile nature of the archipelago in mind. The transporting vessel on the trip is fueled solely with renewable fuel oil. In addition to this, the organiser of the trip will donate 2 € per participant to the John Nurminen foundation, which carries on important work for the conservation of the Baltic Sea – so that the heritage of the Baltic Sea will remain for future generations, too.


The vessel is accessible via a gangway and/or a movable ramp, but we need advance notice if there are passengers in wheelchairs. The bathroom onboard is not wheelchair-accessible. The island of Pentala and the archipelago museum are partially accessible, and partially challenging with wheelchairs. The paths in the area are made of sand, with pine cones and roots. The area has an accessible bathroom, and the main building of the museum, Villa Rosengård, as well as the break villa Lilla Villan are accessible by ramps. The Gurli house is unfortunately not entirely accessible. They do however have a movable ramp that allows access to the ground floor of the Gurli house with a light and narrow wheelchair. There are small thresholds between the rooms.



Evenio Oy is liability insured, participants are recommended to have their own accident insurance.

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