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Kotokierros. Photo Evenio.

Kotokierros on Dorngarn Plateau
(5 km, 3 h)

Hidden within the forests of Southern Finland, truly breathtaking nature can be discovered. On this excursion, the 'Kotokierros on Dorngarn Plateau,' situated within the Meiko Recreation Area, will be traversed by the group. 


A marked trail will be followed, encompassing a total distance of 5 km. Along the way, wilderness ponds, marshlands, and flowing streams will be encountered - it is no wonder that this route is also recognized as the 'Four Lakes Tour.' At the outset, some steep stairs will be ascended by the group to reach the plateau, and then, forest paths, rocky areas, and stretches of old-growth forest will be continued through.

During the summer and autumn, the local 'superfoods' may be available for gathering or savouring along the way - including blueberries, lingonberries, and mushrooms. In the company of two authorized guides - one local and one wilderness guide - participants will have the opportunity to be informed about the area's history, wildlife, and nature. Nevertheless, during the excursion, time will also be taken to engage all the senses and appreciate the atmosphere that changes with the seasons. Own snacks may be enjoyed amidst the splendid natural surroundings. 


Suitable for: 

This experience is considered suitable for groups interested in outdoor activities and cultural history, providing an excellent opportunity for moderate physical activity in the wilderness located just a stone's throw from Helsinki.

The prices, incl. VAT 24%:

  • 59 € per participant

  • a minimum billing for 10 participants applies

  • The maximum group size is 20 participants

Included in Price:

Local Guide

Additional Services and information:

Transportation arrangements can be facilitated, and for those arriving by car, the option is available to have their vehicles left at the free parking area. As an additional service, the organization of a fireside local meal may also be considered, and - weather permitting - the chance to practice snowshoeing may even be provided.

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