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Clubs & Courses

We run different types of Hobby Clubs and Courses

Our Hobby Clubs are history and nature related, hands on - experiences.

Whilst having fun time we guide participants for example to:

  • learn how to navigate and read maps outdoors

  • learn reading the history layers in our surroundings

  • learn how to relax and exercise outdoors

  • learn nature related details and entirety

Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English and German.

Our Clubs and Courses do not require any special skills, the aim is to enjoy outdoor activities and learn by doing together. 

We are developing our skills to offer accessible activities for example for highly sensitive persons, persons with disabilities and persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Requests and inquiries: | m. +358505600333 | RFQ

Metal Detector Club

Detecting metal under ground is a very popular hobby - and no wonder - there is the thrill in there: did someone hide it, lose it and most of all: what is it?

Evenios Kahoot - game and teaching of the Basic rules is the core of this club. Everyone can also test the detector. 

Availability: May - September

Ability and Difficulty Level: All levels

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Activities by the Baltic Sea

Our activities on peninsulas or islands by the Baltic Sea are based on tasks that participants may try out and explore.


For example yoga in nature, navigation skills, sketching outside,  learning to see history and nature's habits in the immediate surroundings are key elements of the Tour.

Availability: May - September

Ability and Difficulty Level: All levels

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Museum Visit
Alisgården (1-2h)

Alisgården and Tinan Tupa are located in the  northern part of Kirkkonummi, in the village of Lapinkylä. 

At Alisgården we get acquainted with a typical 19h Century home in Kirkkonummi. In Tinan tupa, located next to the main building, we will find two museum-mice telling us the story of the family that used to live in there 100 years ago.


Small craft works and eating packed lunch is possible.

Availability: May - September (Tinan Tupa is available first at a later point of time)

Ability and Difficulty Level: All levels

Group Tour to Forest (5,5h)

A history and culture tour into a diverse and

beautiful forest. Kirkkonummi's Central Forest is a hidden gem that hides both the diversity of nature and several layers of history. 


Availability: Mid May - Mid October

Ability and Difficulty Level: Moderate to partially difficult

Lovely Swamp Walks (4,5h)

On this Tour, we explore the the Kirkkonummi Meiko recreation area's wetlands, look into the animal-life and think about the human touch in a forest.  We give time to our senses and enjoy the peace and beauty of the wilderness in different seasons. A special "trilogy of swamp landscape" is soon also available. 

Availability: Year Round

Ability & Difficulty: Moderate

Moving Outsides

Different types of History and Culture Tours combined with some physical Activity.


These include options like snowshoe-tours, 

Cycling-tours, Nordic Walking, Yoga Outsides, Boosting Senses in a Forest. 

Availability: All Year Round

Ability and Difficulty Level: All levels

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