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Your Medical Event In Full Compliance

Evenio is an international meetings and events management company that delivers events of quality in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Evenio is specialized in pharmaceutical Investigator Meetings delivery. We take care of all the details from start to finish in order to provide a fulfilling meeting experience for investigators and industry to network and share knowledge.

Evenio ensures your meeting meets its objectives, provides results and a return on your investment.

We are Europe-based with a global mindset and no boundaries

Our Compliance Certificate

Evenio’s focus is on compliance and transparency in the highly regulated healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. We provide our clients with the confidence that their medical education meeting is organised and executed with maximum compliance. Our approach is defined by high-calibre quality and attention to detail from end to end.  

At Evenio, we understand the importance of compliance requirements and take them into consideration during every step of the event's or meeting's preparation. Evenio’s meeting and business event professionals are recipients of the Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certificate that ensures managing of healthcare meeting with respect to all of its laws and transparency.

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No geographical boundaries

We organise events all over the world. We have no limits. We have organised events in, among other locations: Brussels, Warsaw, Helsinki, Moscow, Berlin, Stockholm, Budapest, Kiev, Prague.


Our Values

Background Research:

At Evenio every meeting starts with understanding the client and client’s event objective in order to meet and exceed their expectations.

Personal Contact:

We go the extra mile to be in direct and personal contact with all the investigators during registration and travel planning as well as the sponsor, venue and other partners.

Transparency & Confidentiality:

We have a clear and precise understanding with all the partners and venues regarding management and handling of personal data.

Framework Compliance:

We organise fully compliant events which are supported by post-event reporting.

Passion For Service:

We invest all energy into the creation of unforgettable events unique to the needs of our clients with the cooperation of experienced partners with high standards to design your event’s story.

Evenio's professionals can offer the event planning and management for your meeting or event from alpha to omega.

Planning And Concept Development

At Evenio every event starts with in depth client background research. Once we understand the client and the requirements we engage our clients in the event design process.  

Venue & Vendor Selection

Selecting the right location is an important aspect of any Investigator Meeting. After the final selection of meeting location and concept, we propose, negotiate, and contract the properties and local vendors best suited to the client's needs in accordance with compliance and budget policies. 

Communication & Coordination

We value personal contact with all meeting participants. All communications surrounding the delivery of an event are managed by Evenio professionals. We feel personally responsible for each event participant. In addiotnal to our persoanl approach we use Cvent to build a customized online event platform.


Evenio provides a detailed post meeting report to support the client’s compliance reporting requirements.

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